BEMBA has worked on many trails over the years, but some of the trails below have seen more significant improvement. We try to continuously improve the mountain bike trail experience in Bald Eagle State Forest. Typically we get together once a month to focus on a project that could be as easy as removing downed limbs and debris.

Fall 2018 Clean up - We had a great fall trail clean up of the McCall Mt. Trail on Sunday, October 21. Cut back many overgrown areas and cut up some log barriers. Thanks to Scot, Brian, Chip, Mark, Tom M., and Ian & Lisa Proud for the help. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Yankee Run Trail, White Deer Creek Trail, Stover Gap East Trail & Stitzer Gap Trail were trimmed back and were much improved in the summer of 2018.

Bear Gap Trail - The steep downhill section of this trail was greatly improved with some easier riding lines. Many larger boulders were moved to provide multiple lines for riders of varying skill levels. This was completed in December 2017. Great job team!

Green Gap Trail - A portion of this trail was re-routed and improved with a better designed stream crossing and water drainage throughout. This task was completed in the Fall of 2017. A great, rocky downhill ride. Wow! Big improvement.

Black Gap Trail - This is a trail that had evolved over the years with multiple work days in different sections. Summer of 2017 brought about a re-route around a vernal pool so that trail traffic doesn't harm the ecosystem. Also, BEMBA worked with DCNR and an equine council to put in a new bench cut section of trail to avoid more wet areas of the trail. Even with the changes to this trail over the years, it is still challenging and one to remember.

Round Knob Trail - A re-route of a non sustainable trail East of R.B. Winter State Park. The trail was routed to higher elevation to stay out of wet areas. Switchbacks have been added to make this trail great ascending and descending. This was BEMBA's first major trail relocation project. The trail has a much smoother and faster feel that the surrounding trails. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Be a good custodian to our forest and friends who use our trail system and remove any obstacles on the trails when you can. Thanks in advance. The BEMBA Board Members

Black Gap 2017 - the new mid section

Black Gap 2017 - the new mid section