Bald Eagle State Forest and the surrounding areas offer world class mountain biking.  Our terrain leans towards technical and rocky, but something can be found for everyone.  

Wednesday Night Ride - The WNR has been happening at R.B. Winter years before BEMBA ever existed. Although this is technically not a BEMBA organized event, we have often attended. R.B. Winter State Park  back parking lot (behind the beach) Wednesday nights at 5:30 all year round. This ride almost always has someone there that knows a great loop. Most rides last about 2-2.5 hours. Bring lights in the fall and winter. There is no signup for this ride. Some nights, maybe a couple riders, other nights there can be over a dozen or more!




We have a couple of map options for our forest:

Or purchase a Purple Lizard Map online or at one of the map vendors listed to make sure you can find your way on the trails.

Click Here for where to buy a Purple Lizard map

Bald Eagle Map