Bald Eagle State Forest and the surrounding areas offer world class mountain biking.  Our terrain leans towards technical and rocky, but something can be found for everyone.  

Wednesday Night Rides - The WNR has been happening at R.B. Winter years before BEMBA ever existed. Although this is technically not a BEMBA organized event, we have often attended. R.B. Winter State Park  back parking lot (behind the beach) Wednesday nights at 5:30 all year round. This ride almost always has someone there that knows a great loop. Most rides last about 2-2.5 hours. Bring lights in the fall and winter. There is no signup for this ride. Some nights, maybe a couple riders, other nights there can be over a dozen or more!

Sunday Rides - As you make BEMBA connections, members email and text each other about meeting for informal rides throughout the year.

Special Events and group rides throughout the year with multiple levels of ability and lengths. Spring Fling, Winter Ride, Jamboree, Summer Ride, Sept-BEMBA, etc. Usually meet at RB Winter, McCall Dam or Sand Bridge State Parks and picnic afterwards. Check the Facebook page for details.


 Overlook from above Halfway Dam

Overlook from above Halfway Dam

We have a couple of map options for our forest:

Or purchase a Purple Lizard Map online or at one of the map vendors listed to make sure you can find your way on the trails.

Click Here for where to buy a Purple Lizard map

Bald Eagle Map